About Access

The Company name “Access” was established to indicate to our clients, vendors and employees that we have transparency in all that we do; communication, financial and operational management. We will always remain accessible. 

Access Residential Management has earned a reputation as an innovator in managing, marketing, and developing distinctive residential destinations. Led by three distinguished industry veterans with more than eighty years experience, Access focuses on relentless, hands-on execution by its core executive team to continually improve service and asset value for owners.

Founded by Barry Caplan- President, Tom Baker- CEO and Mark Lahood-COO, Access Residential Management offers a broad range of expertise with nearly 80 years of combined hospitality-related experience in such areas as community and homeowner association management, hotel and resort operations, development, finance, food and beverage, consulting, and service contract negotiation.

The Executive Team of Access Residential Management are:

  • Barry Caplan, LCAM – President
  • Cathy Brand – Vice President of Finance
  • Michael W. Laster, LCAM, CMCA, CAM, NALP – Regional Manager
  • Lynne Brzozowski – Regional Controller
  • Dave Walter, LCAM – Regional Operations Manager
  • Joseph Greaves, LCAM, CPO – Regional Maintenance Engineer
Access Residential